Wynand Pretorius

Workshop Manager

Wynand is a seasoned workshop manager with a remarkable 15-year career in the manufacturing industry. Born with a passion for engineering, Wynand embarked on his journey in the world of manufacturing immediately after qualifying as a tradesman in 2010.

His proficiency in machining, fitting, welding, and fabricating is the result of years of hands-on experience and a relentless pursuit of perfection. This comprehensive knowledge earned him respect in the field making him a go-to resource for solving complex manufacturing challenges.

Wynand’s commitment to efficiency has made him a valuable member of SPS.

Charlene Bezuidenhout

Admin & Financial Manager

Charlene has a qualification in Business Management and Accounting.

She Joined SPS in 2012.  In her career of more than 25 years, Charlene held various positions in the admin and accounting fields.

She is responsible for managing the expectations and needs of both the host company and its customers.

As Financial Manager she is managing short-term business liabilities and long-term assets, cash management and risk management. She manages the finances of the company which includes budgeting, investments, and developing strategies.

Jaco Botha


Jaco has an H.O.D. Diploma in Teaching (North-West University) and a Safety Management Diploma. He passed the Ghanaian Legal Safety  Management exam and received the Ghanaian Commissionaire of  Minerals, Risk Manager Appointment. He attended Zambian Safety Law courses developing systems for Multi-Nationals.

As the QEHS Head for SPS, he is responsible for identifying, assessing, mitigating, and managing risks within SPS, driving best-in-class performance. 

His main focus and responsibility are implementing and improving the QEHS system in Brits, Witbank, and Mozambique. 

Anel Marx

HR and Admin

Anel has an Honours degree in Psychology with postgraduate courses in Management and Labour Law. She has almost 13 years of experience in the HR and Payroll field, working in both engineering and fabricating industries.

Her focus is on supporting employee development and creating an environment conducive to growth, which adds to the overall quality of SPS workmanship and client experience.

Ross Keeling

Planning and Production Manager

Ross has an honours degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

He joined SPS in 2018. In his career, he has previous experience in the engineering industry where he is a level 1 NDT inspector and is certified to perform positive material identification on steel. 

As the Planning and Production Manager Ross is responsible for the planning and executing of all manufactured orders. This involves assisting the Draughting department, Procurement department and Manufacturing department in making sure that orders meet their deadline. Ross also focuses on monitoring and analysing stock requirements.

Mervin Naidoo

Operations Manager

Mervin joined SPS in 2020. His background is in Quantity surveying.

He began working at SPS as a Process Controller, but he was promoted to Operations Manager in 2021. He is responsible for all day-to-day Operations to ensure all Client’s needs are met to SPS standards, including internal operational requirements.

He manages the Sales, Site, and Procurement Teams while also being responsible for all new orders from “Start to Finish.” He is also in charge of meeting the monthly sales targets.