We have the ability to manufacture components for replacement, when it is uneconomical to replace an entire process system, such as individual windboxes and ducting of all configurations.

SPS manufactures various components from mild steel and stainless steel, as required and specified by our customers. We specialize in the manufacturing of furnace and sintering hoods, complete with refractory lining for high heat applications. High heat applications, such as sinter burner sections complete with burners are also manufactured in the workshop.

Various additional rotating process equipment is fully manufactured and assembled in the workshop, complete with hydraulic motors and lagged rollers of various materials. These units are supplied as complete functional units ready for installation and operation on customer sites.

SPS is a leader in the supply of scrubber components, including cascade scrubbers, venturi scrubbers, scrubber tanks and all the associated connecting piping and ducting.


The SPS workshop consists of a machine shop, assembly shop, mild-steel fabricating section, stainless steel fabricating section, sandblasting area, painting area and a hydraulic fitting shop.

The workshop is equipped with a 20-ton overhead crane and 3×5-ton crawlers. We have a 35-ton mobile crane for lifting heavy loads and 3×4-ton forklifts and 1×2.5-ton forklift for loading and off-loading cargo.

In 2019, this facility fabricated approximately 600 tons mild steel and 450 tons stainless steel products.
The facility is ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and ISO3834 – 2 accredited.


Depending on the customer needs, SPS will assess the state of equipment to be replaced.
If feasible, we can refurbish equipment back to near original condition.

Customer Needs

SPS has the capability to manufacture, refurbish, supply, install and maintain most components, based on our customer needs, according to industry leading quality standards.